Shelley R. Saunders Thesis Research Grant





No recipients


Kayla Hartwell
University of Calgary

Mechanisms for fission-fusion dynamics in spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) at Runaway Creek Nature Reserve, Belize

Asta Rand
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Understanding the Diet and Mobility of the Classic Maya of Belize: A Multi-Isotopic Approach

Elizabeth Sawchuk
University of Toronto

Social Change and Human Population Movements – Dental Morphology in Holocene eastern Africa


Rebecca Gilmour
McMaster University

Civilian Experiences of Trauma, Healing, and Physical Impairment in Roman Frontier Provinces

Ashley Nagel
University of Calgary

Childhood Health Outcomes in Relation to Parental Strategies in Mwanza, Tanzania

Josie Vayro
University of Calgary

Polyandrous Mating and Female Counterstrategies to Infanticide in Ursine Colobus Monkeys


Iulia Bădescu
University of Toronto

Investigating Infant Nutritional Development of Wild Chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Stephanie Calce
University of Victoria

The Effects of Osteoarthritis on Skeletal Age Markers

Robert Stark
McMaster University

Human Migration in Ancient Rome