Asta Rand

Website Editor


I am a doctoral student in the Department of Archaeology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. My research interests include the study of ancient human diet and mobility through the analysis of stable isotopes in bones and teeth, and my doctoral research seeks to understand ancient Maya mobility by analyzing strontium and stable oxygen isotopes from individuals interred at multiple sites in Belize.  I am also interested in understanding the health of past populations through the assessment of pathology in human skeletons. While my graduate studies have focused on the isotopic analyses of ancient Maya skeletons, I also have experience excavating human remains in both Ontario and Poland. My goal as Website Editor is to keep the CAPA-ACAP membership adequately appraised of new opportunities (i.e., field schools, employment, etc.), renew online content as necessary to keep it relevant, and to ensure the website remains a useful resource for all members. As such, I welcome any suggestions members may have regarding the function or content of the CAPA-ACAP website and look forward to your comments.  
Department of Archaeology
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Queen’s College, Room 4020
210 Prince Philip Drive
St. John’s, NL  A1B 3R6