Ian Colquhoun

Ian Colquhoun

President (2015-Present)

Department of Anthropology
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

Tina Moffat, CAPA-ACAP Past President

Tina Moffat

Past-President (2012–2015)

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, McMaster University. My area of interest within biological anthropology is child health and nutrition and environmental health as it pertains to urban ecosystems. My research perspectives are grounded in biocultural and political-economic approaches. My main geographic areas of focus are South Asia and Canada. One of my current research interests is dietary change and health among immigrants to Canada. I have recently conducted a CIHR-funded planning project investigating dietary change and food insecurity among newcomers to Hamilton, Ontario. I have also investigated topics such as: child obesity, infant vitamin D supplementation and growth and development among infants and children.

Department of Anthropology
McMaster University
Chester New Hall, Room 536
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S4L8

Lesley Harrington

Secretary/Treasurer (2018-2021)

I am a faculty member in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, and an alumna of the University of Toronto. I am a bioarchaeologist focused on childhood. With my research expertise in juvenile osteology I have examined skeletal growth and dental development in children from archaeological contexts including South African hunter-gatherers and European cities. CAPA has been an important intellectual home for me and I'm pleased to serve on the Executive.

Lauren Poeta

Student Representative (2021-2022)

I am a master’s student at Western University interested in mummy studies, digital technology, and the Bioarchaeology of Childhood. My current project uses x-rayed and CT scanned mummy bundles from Peru to understand how the conception and experience of childhood in the Pre-Columbian period were reflected in funerary traditions. My position as the student representative is to support student voices and needs. Please reach out to me if you have ideas on what could support students within the association!

Luísa Marinho

Newsletter Editor (2020-2023)

I have a PhD in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University (2020) with a focus on bone trauma, bone biomechanics and postmortem changes to bone properties. I also have casework experience as a forensic anthropologist, having consulted for the BC (Canada) Coroner's Services among others. My academic and professional experience has been built across borders (Portugal, Canada and Spain) and across contexts, researching modern cemetery human skeletonized remains, working in forensic anthropology routine cases, and consulting in cases related to enforced disappearances from the Spanish civil war and post-war period. My purpose and motivation is to put my expertise in human identification into practice to find, recover and identify the missing across the globe. With expertise in trauma analysis and bone biomechanics, I also work to find under what circumstances the missing died, in hopes of bringing justice and closure to their families.

Sarah Duignan

Website Editor (2019-Present)

My doctoral work focuses on medical anthropology, working with community partners at Six Nations of the Grand River to explore water quality and security in connection to emerging public and environmental health concerns. My research focuses on co-creating knowledge with Indigenous community partners to build more holistic understandings of health and wellbeing. Additionally, I work as the social media coordinator for the UNB Bioarchaeology Field School at the Fortress of Louisbourg and produce/host AnthroDish, an anthropology podcast. My goal as CAPA-ACAP website editor is to continue making the CAPA website and social media pages relevant and useful resources for members, and build up resources for science communication with the general public.